This website is done to remember the legendary The Forest Inn hotel that was located in Emery Down just where the The New Forest Inn today is located.

Being one of the top hotels on the English south coast during the late 70s and late 80s the hotel was really one of the hot spots of the region back then.


The closeness to major cities such as Bournemouth and Southampton made the hotel very accessible and that helped the popularity of the hotel as a vacation spot as well.

Many people came here in order to see the famous New Forrest national park as well as being able to go to the beach for a full day there as long as the English weather would allow them too.

The whole south coast of England experienced a boom during the late 70s and early 80s when people started to go across the country and come from oversees for a vacation or holiday in this hidden gem that it is.

The hotel served as a resort for walkers, canoers and fisherman just as well as for regular vacation guests. The principle was for everyone to feel welcome, no matter occupation or class. Muddy boots and dogs were welcome!


Today the premises of the hotel serve as office location for many new companies and start-ups. Due to its attractive location with scenic views and closeness to major cities the place of the hotel has been brought to life again.

The walls behind the rooms have been taken down in order to create open and modern office spaces and the old dining hall works as a catering lunch and dinner location for the companies inside of the building.

Even though the original hotel might not be left, we have dedicated this website to honour the hotel the best as we can and make it live forever in our minds.