About Emery Down

Emery Down is a small village in the south east parts of England based Hampshire, next to the New Forest National Park. The city had a population of 7500 back in 1974 but has today got less than 5000 inhabitants due to people moving from the city to bigger surrounding cities such as Southampton or Torquay.


The town was founded in 1376 by the English king and has always been viewed as one of the golden spots for people to visit when going to the south coast of England. The New Forest National Park is one of the top tourist attractions, which has The New Forrest Inn hotel located next to it. Before it was the site of legendary The Forest Inn hotel, which has now been replaced with the new and modern version.

You could also find a popular nightlife including bars, clubs and casinos back in the early 1980s but ever since the city seems to have quiet down a bit and today the closest casino is based in Bournemouth, a few miles away. Most of the bars are still open and some clubs are still open in the summer and during bigger holidays, but the nightlife in Emery Down is not as busy as it used to be a couple of decades ago.


Emery Down is located not far away from Southampton. The city where Titanic sailed off on its way to New York and the home of the classic football club Southampton FC. The club that used to play at The Den, now Saint Mary’s Stadium have been the home of legendary players such as Anders Svensson and Matthew Le Tissier.

After a spell in the lower divisions, the club is nowadays back in the Premier League again. If you are in the surroundings and wants to go and see a game with the team, click here to go to the official website of the club and buy your tickets in advance.