About The Forest Inn

The old hotel was built in 1924 to offer accommodation to tourists and other travelling people coming to Emery Down for various reasons. Many people came here for the national park but some came for more of a beach holiday. Later on it become popular for several other types of traveling people including many tourists coming from overseas in order to enjoy the spectacular surroundings with its unique and scenic views!


The hotel establishment was located in Lynddhurst, Emery Down, and New Forest, England and was a top three-star hotel offering accommodation, room service, parking, breakfast and optional dinner within the hotel premises.

The parking was free as long as you could prove that you were staying at the hotel. This to ensure not all parking spots were taken by people stopping by to see the New Forest national park, without staying overnight.


People could stay at the hotel meanwhile they were spending a day in the beautiful English South Coast surroundings, watching the nature and the ocean for a relaxing vacation time.

To spend your holidays on The Forest Inn hotel was one of the favourite spots for many English people coming from up north or from Wales during the summer, especially in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

To access the hotel, you could either drive by car and use the hotels parking facilities or use the train to get to the nearby train station where you could access The Forest Inn through a short walk or taxi ride.

The hotel once had a four-star rating but once other hotels got more and more advanced in type of technological development, The Forrest Inn lost their last star, which might have been the beginning of the end for this hotel.

Despite many people enjoying the Victorian style, many guest rooms and bathrooms fell behind the rapid development during the late 80s and early 90s. In 2002 the hotel closed down for redecoration but never opened again.