Flora and Fauna of Emery Down

Emery Down is a wonderful village to visit for many reasons. It is quaint and has a long history and is an attraction for many that want to be close to nature.

There are a lot of resources that are readily available for those who want to know more about this place located in Hampshire. When reviewing all that it has to offer special attention should be paid to the flora and fauna.

During The Spring

Any time is a good time to visit Emery Down. For those who want to enjoy its natural environment, the spring season is an exciting one. The many forests have many different blooms to be enjoyed. What is particularly appealing to many is the bluebells that are springing forth in abundance. There is a wild selection of wildflowers that are so well appreciated by all that get a chance to enjoy them.

The Summer

Once summer has arrived, the trees are in full leaf. If one looks carefully they will be able to spot some wild orchids. Among them may be the heath spotted orchid known for its beauty. Then looking even closer may reveal the smallest orchid that can be found in Britain, which is the Bog orchid. As summer is drawing to a close heather blooms in abundance and is a beautiful sight to see as it carpets the landscape. Within this region, there are four different types of flora that can be found.


Autumn flora provides an array of colours for the area and the grounds take on a whole new look with different types of growth such as mushrooms and toadstools.


Much of the flora and fauna go to sleep during the winter months, but the environment is still one of beauty. What it comes down to is that any time is a good time to visit Emery Down and the New Forest.