Traditional English Breakfasts

Many people consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. In England, it has always been considered as important but so is mealtime no matter when it is throughout the UK.

Traditional Breakfast

Often the traditional breakfast is called a fry up. It can vary slightly depending on where it is being made or served. But for the most part, any breakfast being served as an English breakfast will have some very close similarities. It does take having the right equipment to pull off a good breakfast. The major components are:

  • Eggs: fried to perfection with most opting for the sunny side up.
  • Back Bacon: You can count on it being fresh and cooked to perfection.
  • Tomatoes: For most the tomatoes are a must have nestled on the side of the pate.
  • Mushrooms: A lot of people don’t realize that a healthy portion of cooked mushrooms belongs on the English breakfast plate.
  • Fried Bread: A little different from plain toast but, for most, even better.
  • Blackpudding: A tradition that fits in with most of the English breakfasts.

Some Add Ons

Some have modernized the traditional English breakfast with a few add ons like home-baked beans, for example. They just seem to blend in so nicely with the yolk of the egg once it has been broken. Hash browns are also one of the newer additions.

Different Versions

There are some variations to the English breakfast such as:

  • Scottish Breakfast: Here there will be a replacement or an addition of tattie scones and for some protein a slab of haggis.
  • Welsh Breakfast: Here the highlight is the laverbread, which is made from seaweed.
  • Cornish Breakfast. One can expect to find an addition of Cornish hogs which is like sausage added to the breakfast plate.

No matter which version is chosen each of them holds a food experience that is never to be forgotten.