Great English Meals

If you are intent on enjoying the very best in English food fare, you are going to have plenty to choose from. Some have become world-renowned and for very good reason.

Bangers and Mash

Mash potatoes is a given when it comes to a good English meal. Add some bangers to it which some may call sausages and you’ve got banger and mash. The sausages must be pork however to be a true English rendition of bangers and mash.


Also known as Cornish Pasties. Although made with pastry, they are a savoury dish that is a favourite for many. A wonderful selection of chunked meat and vegetables is wrapped in pastry that is crimped to the shape of a D. They are a meal that can be enjoyed at any time but are particularly welcome on a cold wet damp day.

Lancashire HotPot

This is one where the aroma of it cooking creates a just-can’t-wait moment. It is a layering of lamb, potatoes and onions dotted with some fresh thyme and left to cook for several hours. Although hard to wait for it is well worth the wait as all the different flavours come together in harmony for the perfect dinner dish.

Fish and Chips

There is no way that there could be any talk about famous English meals without including Fish and Chips. It just doesn’t become any more English than this. It is definitely on the top of the list of favourites in the UK where it is estimated that 250 million fish and chips meals are prepared on a yearly basis.

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

It is definitely the addition of the Yorkshire pudding that puts the English into a roast beef dinner. This really is Britains most famous meal. It is one that has to be tried at least once.